How to Set Up TITHE.LY

There are two ways to access New Faith's new giving portal - via the internet and via your smartphone. Below are tutorials of how to get registered for and start your giving process.


It is super easy to get started on via the WEB!

1. Click to the website

Use this link to go to the New Faith giving portal on site:


 <-- the link includes New Faith's ID number!

  B. Or you can always just click the "Giving' menu option on this site.

2. The New Faith "One-Time" giving page displays

At this point, you can submit a single gift by supplying your credit card info as you would on any on-line store. We will need your name (to process the card) and email (to send you a receipt and a giving-record at the end of the year.)

HOWEVER, if you plan to give again, or set up a regular giving, it will be way more convenient to create an ACCOUNT

Δ Click the "Sign Up" link. It only takes a couple of minutes and will save you a lot of time later.


3. The multi-purpose security form displays


4. The security information screen

Δ This screen prompts you to supply:

  • your First and Last Name
  • your email address - where we will send your giving receipts and giving records at the end of the year 
  • a password - (at least 8 characters/numbers) 
  • a 4 digit (number only) PIN number - The PIN is the most important because you will use it to QUICKLY access your personal giving page (from both the Web and Mobile).

Δ When completed, click "SUBMIT"


5. Confirmation pop-ups display:

~Message of completion...

When you click "OK" you will be immediately asked to supply your pin ID number to continue:

6. Register your payment method(s):

{note, you can add more than one source to give from! If you do, you will be prompted to choose which account/card to use for every gift.}

~There are three ways to supply a giving source: A. Credit Card, B. Bank Account (preferred!), or C. Online Banking

6.A. Giving by Credit Card

~You can use any credit or debit card you wish. 

Δ Select "Credit/Debit" method at the bottom of the panel. 

Δ The click the green "+" button.

The credit card registration form appears. Fill in the Card number, Expiration Date, and CVC code; then click "ADD CARD"

6.B. (or C) Give directly from checking account

~Get out your checkbook! This is the optimal way to give to New Faith, as the fees are considerably less via direct-deposit.
~ Note, if you wish to use the "sign on with online banking option" (C.) please explore that on your own.

Δ Select "Bank Account" method (see above) and then click the green "+" button.

Δ Fill in the requested Routing number and Account number (the graphic shows you where to fetch that info.) 

Δ Then click "Save and Continue"


You will receive a confirmation pop-up. Click "OK".

7. Personal Giving Form

You will return to the giving form (as in step 2), except now it is specific to your information. When return in the future, you will simply enter your PIN # to get to this screen.


  • FUND: We are currently only supporting the "General Fund". Should we open up another fund for a specific collection, we will inform you.
  • COVER FEES: This box, if checked, will add the amount of the transaction fees (which the church will have to pay for processing) to your gift.
  • RECURRING GIVING: Use this checkbox to set up a scheduled gift.
  • Click the "GIVE $99.99" button to complete your transaction. You get a confirmation email immediately.

You can use the 3 Bars menu (in the upper left corner) to display several options, including:

  • The record of your past gifts
  • Remove a recurring gift 
  • Change your account information


Super easy, as most of the work is done on the Web anyway!

RECOMMENDED: Set up your account on the web (instructions on the left). Then, you just add your account to the mobile app and bingo, you're done.

1. Download App

Δ Go to your phone's App Store and search for " Church Giving". The listing looks like this on Android phones:


2. Log On

When you run the app for the first time, you will be prompted to supply your email address and password. (Easiest is to register from a computer, but) You can click to "Sign Up" now. 

[I was unable to capture these screens, but they are similar to the web process on the left.]

3. Choose a Church Recipient

~NOTE: the app uses geo-location to find and display the nearest church using TITHE.LY (which will NOT be New Faith!). 

Δ Use the Search bar at the top: type in "New Faith UCC" and select N.F. from the results. <You only have to do this the first time<


4. Make a Gift

Δ Click the "Give Now" button, you are prompted for your PIN 

Δ Enter your PIN # for security clearance

You are automatically redirected to the New Faith giving portal page on the web site, where you enter your gift as you do from a computer.

Δ click the "Give $99.99" button. A confirmation question appears

Δ Click "OK" to  to confirm and complete your gift.